Myotherapy is a new modality that works to unlock muscle tension, manage pain and assist with injury rehabilitation. A myotherapist blends the techniques of remedial massage with dry-needling, specialised stretching and exercise prescription for a synergistic effect. Expect an assessment, followed up by a rigorous and engaging treatment that treats the root cause of the pain.


Remedial massage is a targeted treatment of one or two specific areas of the body to reduce muscle tension and pain. It’s hands on, involves specialised stretches and sometimes a version of cupping (without marks on the skin). Like myotherapy, this is a rigorous & engaging treatment that leaves you feeling better immediately.


A wellness or relaxation massage is beneficial to zone out the mind and relax the body. Long hours at work in poor posture environments, digital overload and the pressures of life create burn-out. Many clients find a wellness massage a superb way to manage stress and tune up the body after a busy week.


Had issues with tennis elbow, sore shoulder joint, bulged disc or a torn muscle? Myotherapy can assist with rehab. In many cases a program of simple exercises using a theraband, foam roller or body weight progressed over several rehab sessions is enough to reboot your fitness and get you back on track.

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